The 1-minute data in the ASCII files are arranged by day and station; the thermodynamic and dynamic data have been separated into 2 different files (the only overlap is in time and position information).

The wind one contains:

Data: hr mn lat lon wspd wdir u v vwspd wdev rwspd rwdir cwspd cwdir
Units: () () (dg)(dg) (m/s) (dg) (m/s)(m/s) (m/s) (dg) (m/s) (dg) (m/s) (dg)
Format: (2(I2,A1),F7.2,A1,F7.2,6(A1,F7.2),4(A1,F7.2))
Bad Flag: 9999.0

wspd & wdir are corrected by Tony Riddle's method (mean magnetometer correction = 12 deg (RV3) or 22 deg (RV1) ) rwspd & rwdir are ship relative; cwspd & cwdir are corrected by NCAR/ATD using 1min magnetometer values.

The thermodynamic one contains:

Data: hr mn lat lon psfc tdry rh rain
Units: () () (dg)(dg) (mb) (degC) (%) (mm/hr)
Format: (2(I2,A1),F7.2,A1,F7.2,4(A1,F7.2))
Bad Flag: 9999.0

Every minute of each day is accounted for in the files; if all the data is missing, there are lots of 9's! Each file has a 25-line header (FORTRAN code available to read it). The total size of all the files, including the headers, is about 30 MB per ship, 60 MB total.

The cleaned GPS data are available in the files gps.1.fixed and gps.2.fixed for R/V Kexue#1 and R/V Shiyan#3. The columns of integers in these files are, from left to right:

year; julian day; hour; minute; second; flag indicating source of data; latitude (hundreths of degrees, north positive); longitude (hundreths of degrees, east positive); speed (cm/s); direction of ship velocity vector (tenths of degrees east of north); direction of bow of ship (tenths of degrees east of north).

Note that position has been rounded to the nearest 0.01 degree (~1 km).

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