Workshop Agenda

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Tuesday AM Welcome

Welcome to the Danish Meteorological Institute
Marianne Thyrring, Director of DMI


Tuesday AM Forecasting Development Overviews

0910 - 1030
Stéphanie Louazel 005: Overview of HYCOM activities at SHOM
David Rosenfield 016: Global Ocean Forecasting at the Naval Oceanographic Office
Patrick Hogan 019: Validation of Global Ocean Forecast System (GOFS) 3.1
Davi Mignac 033: The REMO Ocean Data Assimilation System into HYCOM

20 minute break


Tuesday AM Forecasting and Data Assimilation

Edmo Campos 010: A 1/12-Degree global experiment with HYCOM forced with NCEP products from 1949 to 2014
Kristine Madsen 023: Validation of an Arctic/North Atlantic model system
Till Rasmussen 025: From Baffin Bay to Arctic scale ocean and sea ice modeling
Cesar Reinert Bulhões de Morais 032: REMO operacional forecasting system comparison with observations along the Brazilian southeast coast
Luis Quaresma 035: Integration of HYCOM model in a regional operational forecasting system of the European southwest margin



Tuesday PM Forecasting and Data Assimilation

Filipe Bitencourt Costa 034: Impacts Of Remo Ocean Data Assimilation System (Rodas) On The 24 Hour Forecast Of HYCOM 1/12°
Laurent Bertino 007: Performance of a 23-years TOPAZ reanalysis
Lars Peter Roed 030: Validation of the CMS ARC (MyOcean) forecasting for the Arctic Region

30 minute break

Marcus Jochum 018: The connection between Southern Ocean winds, Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Indo-Pacific upwelling
Patrick Hogan 021: Examination of Analysis and Forecast Uncertainty Generated from an Ocean Reanalysis
Francois Counillon 009: Seasonal-to-decadal prediction with the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model
Roberto Palmeira 040: South Atlantic operational multi-model evaluation
Mohamed Iskandarani 038: Application and validation of polynomial chaos methods to quantify uncertainties in simulating the Gulf of Mexico circulation using HYCOM


Tuesday PM



Wednesday AM Internal Wave and Tide Modeling

Brian Arbic 004: Internal gravity waves: A new frontier in global ocean modeling
James Richman 006: On improving the accuracy of barotropic tides embedded in a high-resolution global circulation model
Arnaud Le Boyer 014: Internal Tide propagation sensitivity to model vertical coordinate and resolution
Maarten Buijsman 008: Impact of internal wave drag on the semidiurnal energy balance


Wednesday AM

30 minute break


Wednesday AM Energetics, Numerics and Parameter Sensitivity

Robert Hallberg 029: An Integrated Energetics Approach to Determining Planetary Boundary Layer Mixing
Martial Boutet 017: Bottom friction estimation in the context of regional barotropic modelling
Robert Hallberg 028: The Sensitivity of Global-mean Steric Sea Level Rise to Interior Ocean Diapycnal Diffusivity
Detelina Ivanova 026: MICOM Sensitivity to Eddy-induced Mixing
Mats Bentsen 031: Eddy-induced transport in layered models



Wednesday PM Energetics, Numerics and Parameter Sensitivity

Per Berg 022: Dynamical Two-Way Nesting HBM
Jacob Weismann Poulsen 036: Re-factoring HBM for Xeon-Phi
Alan Wallcraft 012: New Features of HYCOM

20 minute break


Wednesday PM

Open discussion of layered ocean model issues and HYCOM-specific discussion


Wednesday Dinner

No-host Dinner


Thursday AM Coupled and Climate Modeling

Alexandra Bozec 015: Improvements of the HYCOM-CICE coupled model during the CORE-II project
Shan Sun 037: HYCOM global simulations with CORE forcings on icosahedral and logically rectangular grids
Rainer Bleck 013: Use of In-situ density in isopycnic-coordinate ocean models
Jay Shriver 020: The impact of vertical resolution and upper ocean physical parameterizations on air-sea interaction in the global coupled ocean-atmosphere system

30 minute break + posters
Sofie Abildgaard: An ice thickness comparison study (poster)


Thursday AM Regional Modeling

Bjorn Bakeberg 001: Modelling Agulhas Current System dynamics: the butterfly effect of changing the vertical stratification
Neil Malan 027: HYCOM on the Agulhas Shelf
Yanli Jia 024: HYCOM for Hawaii
Alex Megann 002: The OSCAR Project
Patrick Timko 011: Assessing Shelf Sea Tides in Global HYCOM



Thursday PM Regional Modeling

Zulema D. Grarraffo 003: Off-line tracer applications based on Global HYCOM simulations
Renato Ramos da Silva 039: Assimilation of sea surface height anomalies into HYCOM for South Atlantic and OLAM regional climate

20 minute break

Open discussion of layered ocean model issues meeting wrap-up

1630 Meeting adjourns