Workshop Abstract Submittal Form

The LOM 2015 Workshop Abstract Submittal Form is open.

Giving a talk or presenting a poster is not a requirement for attending the workshop. However, we encourage you to contribute, and hereby request that you write a 10- to 15-line mini-abstract, in plain (ASCII) text, no later than April 30th, 2015. The preliminary agenda will be distributed, together with the abstracts, by April 30th, 2015. Prompt submission of abstracts is requested and recommended, since the number of submissions may necessitate a limit to the number of oral presentations.

If you intend to present a talk or poster, please state what audio-visual equipment you require, if any. Please consider the following list of suitable workshop topics for talks or posters, and indicate under which heading(s) you would like your contribution to be listed. You are welcome to add topics along similar lines.
a. performance of layered ocean models coupled to an atmosphere/ice component
b. open boundary conditions; grid nesting
c. data assimilation, sensitivity analysis and and uncertainty quantification.
d. mixed layer dynamics and mixed layer/layered model interactions
e. physics improvements - equation of state, vertical coordinate, etc.
f. numeric improvements - stability, accuracy, computational modes, etc.
g. model/model or model/data comparisons
h. interaction of ocean flows with topography
i. coupling of sea-ice models and impact of sea-ice
j. biogeochemical/tracer modeling
k. computational topics (hardware/software/data)
l. model documentation
m. issues related to climate modeling
n. coastal modeling
o. tides and intertidal waves
p. impact of mixing

The time allotted for each oral presentation will depend upon the number of abstracts accepted. As a rough guideline, we suggest that 20-minute talks are appropriate.

Future notices will be sent only to recent workshop attendees and to those from whom we have heard this year.

In order to present a talk/poster at the LOM 2015 Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark you need to fill out the following form, and press the "Submit" button once you verified your entries. Information will be sent to you as it becomes available, but also check the Workshop's Web site for the latest updates. We will be posting the abstracts on the LOM Web page.
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Please submit you abstract in English only and limit it to 1800 characters of plain ascii text.
Do not include special instructions, email those separately to Kris Suchdeve.

Once you filled out all the boxes in the form and verified your input, please hit the "Submit" button to send us the information. To clear the form and start over, press the "Reset" button.