Workshop on High Resolution Marine Meteorology

Last revision: April 24, 2003

~ Monday, 3 March 2003 ~
8:30 am Welcome, Introduction, Local Information
    Co-chairs, J. O'Brien, M. Johnson PDF Icon
----- Session 1:   Science applications using high-resolution marine meteorology -----
8:50 am Climate quality buoy and ship observations PDF Icon
    R. Weller, WHOI
9:10 am Uses of high quality meteorological observations in climate studies PDF Icon
    E. Kent, P. Taylor, and M. Yelland, SOC
9:30 am Near-real-time wind and surface pressure from SeaWinds
    J. O'Brien, COAPS
9:50 am Coffee Break
10:10 am pCO2 measurements from VOS PDF Icon
    R. Wanninkhof, NOAA/AOML
10:30 am Global climate research: role of high-resolution marine meteorology PDF Icon
    D. Legler, U. S. CLIVAR
10:50 am Round table discussion
12:30 pm Lunch
----- Session 2:   Current status of high-resolution observing programs -----
1:50 pm ETL air-sea interaction and cloud monitoring for the NOAA/CLIVAR program PDF Icon text PDF Icon slides
    C. Fairall, NOAA/ETL
2:10 pm Status of SEAS program PDF Icon
    S. Cook, NOAA/AOML
2:30 pm Underway systems on SIO vessels PDF Icon
    W. Sutherland and C. Mattson, SIOM
2:50 pm Overview of R/V Wecoma underway data system PDF Icon
    L. Fayler, OSU/COAS
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:20 pm Status of vessels operating with SCS PDF Icon
    D. Shields, NOAA/MAO
3:40 pm High-resolution marine measurements by USCG PDF Icon
    P. McGillivary, USCG
4:00 pm Plans for automated underway observations on the U. S. Navy Oceanographic Fleet PDF Icon
    J. Ried, NRL
4:20 pm Round table discussion
5:30 pm Adjourn
7:30 pm Workshop Dinner - details TBA
~ Tuesday, 4 March 2003 ~
----- Session 3:   Calibration/intercalibration of high-resolution marine systems -----
8:30 am IMET buoy, R/V, and VOS configurations, accuracy, and calibration PDF Icon
    D. Hosom, WHOI
8:50 am Shipboard Radiometric measurements of some surface meteorological parameters PDF Icon
    P. Minnett, RSMAS
9:10 am On radiation measurements at sea PDF Icon
    R. Michael Reynolds, BNL
9:30 am Intercomparison of WHOI, PMEL, JAMSTEC, and BNL marine observations PDF Icon
    P. Freitag, NOAA/PMEL
9:50 am Improving flux measurement accuracy:
    Experiences of the TOGA-COARE air-sea interaction group PDF Icon
    F. Bradley, CSIRO
10:10 am Application of R/V data to satellite calibration/validation PDF Icon
    M. Bourassa, COAPS
10:30 am Coffee Break
10:50 am Round table discussion
12:30 pm Lunch
----- Session 4: Developing a unified, sustained distribution system for high-resolution data -----
1:50 pm VOS IMET data retrieval, processing, and distribution PDF Icon
    F. Bahr, WHOI
2:10 pm International Seakeeper Society high-resolution VOS data system
    E. Kearns, U.Miami/RSMAS
2:30 pm Vision for a delayed-mode high-resolution marine meteorology data center PDF Icon
    S. Smith, COAPS
2:50 pm Sustained data management and I-COADS PDF Icon
    S. Woodruff, NOAA/CDC
3:10 pm Coffee Break
3:30 pm Round table discussion
5:30 pm Adjourn
~ Wednesday, 5 March 2003 ~
8:30 am Round table discussion - Funding/resources to implement sustained system
10:10 am Coffee Break
10:30 am Round table discussion - Workshop report:
    to whom to present recommendations and in what format
11:00 am Wrap-up: Review action items, time-line, writing assignments
12:30 pm Close workshop

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