SST and PWS 1964-1996 over the Tropical Atlantic

by Jacques Servain
Centre ORSTOM,
B.P. 70, 29280
Plouzane, FR

e-mail :
Fax : (33) 2 98 22 45 06

There is one file of monthly SST and two files of Pseudo Wind Stress (zonal = pwsx ; meridional = pwsy) during 1964-1996: 33 years

sst6496.atl - SST data
pwsx6496.atl Zonal (u) component of pseudostress
pwsy6496.atl Meridional (v) component of pseudostress

The data are 2 latitude X 2 longitude gridded, from 30N to 20S and 60W to 16E.

Each month is represented by a 38 (longitude) X 25 (latitude) matrix; 25 lines x 38 columns.

The first data is at the NW corner (centered at 59W, 29N).

The format of each file is (13i5,13i5,12i5) = one line of longitude.

There is no blank line between 2 consecutive months, and between 2 consecutive years.

The units are 1/10 Celsius for SST and 1/10 m2/s2 for Pseudo Wind Stress.

The land values are forced to 99998.

Please, do not give these files to other people without my assent.

Working myself on the interannual variability of these data, I am directly interested by your future results and I hope you will send me some comments soon.

Bonne chance !

Jacques Servain

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