Young-Kwon Lim

Lim PhotoAssistant Research Scientist

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My major research areas and interests include:

  1. Multi-model (dynamical and statistical models) high resolution climate prediction
  2. Impact of land cover types (vegetation and urbanization) on the surface climate change from local to global scale
  3. Climate application to atmosphere-agricultural model and crop yield simulation
  4. Diagnostics and prediction of monsoon, ENSO, and decadal-scale climate change
  5. Seasonal simulation of hurricane frequency and intensity using numerical model and hurricane detection algorithm
  6. Urban parameterization for local climate change simulation
  7. Multi-model ensemble technique

I have been conducting the regional-scale climate predictions over the southeast US. Both dynamical and statistical regional models are used for this work. Dynamical models involved in this work are the FSU/COAPS RSM, ECPC RSM, RegCM3, and WRF. I developed a set of statistical downscaling models. An advanced eigentechnique with multiple regression, and neural network based CCA are bases of the statistical downscaling models developed for this work.

Study on land cover impact on surface climate change has focused on quantitative estimation, attribution, and model responses to different atmospheric forcings and land use changes. Urban parameterization is in progress for further improved modeling study.