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Comparisons of collocated SeaWinds on QuikSCAT and buoy winds resulted in the following data sets. Collocation criteria are unspecified, but should usually be within 30 minutes, with the spatial differences listed in the data file. The data files are in ASCII, with slightly different formats for the QSCAT-1 (JPL's) model function and the Ku-2000 model function. The data sets are available through the COAPS anonymous FTP site. Change directories (cd bourassa/QSCAT_CV/BUOYS/L2B for the QSCAT-1 data, or cd bourassa/QSCAT_CV/BUOYS/RSS for the Ku2000 data).

We thank Naoto Ebuchi, Hans Graber, and Abderrahim Bentamy for providing these data sets.

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