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SELECT author, title, type, year, publication, abbrev_journal, volume, issue, pages, keywords, abstract, thesis, editor, publisher, place, abbrev_series_title, series_title, series_editor, series_volume, series_issue, edition, language, author_count, online_publication, online_citation, doi, serial, peer_reviewed, funding, ers, nscat, seawinds, yscat, ascat, meteorology, oceanography, physics_of_remote_sensing, calibration_validation, windsat, glaciology, vegetation, freeze_thaw, hurricanes, weather_prediction, air_sea_interaction, model_function, rain, soil_moisture, status, orig_record, serial, file, url, doi, isbn, type FROM refs WHERE serial RLIKE ".+" AND peer_reviewed = 1 ORDER BY year DESC, author, title

caused the following error:
Error 3 : Error writing file '/tmp/MYiSVk8q' (Errcode: 28)
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