Deepwater Horizon Fire

COAPS Featured in Latest Issue of Spectrum Magazine

The latest issue of the FSU COllege of Arts and Sciences "Across the Spectrum" magazine highlights the research being conducted at COAPS. Eric Chassignet and Mark Bourassa share some great information about the 2011 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; climate change; as well the study of extreme weather events. Read the article.

How meteorologists predict the next big hurricane

How meteorologists predict the next big hurricane

Hurricane forecasts have traditionally focused on predicting a storm’s track and intensity. The track and size of the storm determine which areas may be hit. To do so, forecasters use models – essentially software programs, often run on large computers. Learn more.

South China Sea

Salinification in the South China Sea since late 2012: a reversal of the freshening since 1990s

New study looks at the salinification that has occurred in the South China Sea from late 2012 to the present. This salinification follows a 20-year freshening trend that started in 1993. Learn more. >>


COAPS Graduate Students Present at the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

COAPS' meteorology and oceanography graduate students traveled to Portland, OR for the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Presenting at professional conferences is invaluable for students' in their academic careers and professional growth; COAPS is proud to have had such strong student participation this year.

Climate Book

New Book by the Florida Climate Institute
Florida's Climate: Changes, Variations, and Impacts

This book provides a thorough review of the current state of research on Florida's climate, including physical climate benchmarks; climate prediction, projection, and attribution; and the impacts of climate and climate change on the people and natural resources of Florida. It is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle format on Individual chapters may be accessed on the FCI website. Learn more >>


Campers are "Weather Wise" Girls Who Code!

The Oasis Center's "Girls Can Do Anything" camp stopped by COAPS this summer. Their visit included lots of hands-on weather-related activities and a robot obstacle course! Get a quick look at what their visit included in this YouTube video.

Hurricane Activity

hurricane activity

The Atlantic graphical tropical weather outlook is updated at approximately 2am, 8am, 2pm, and 8pm EDT from June 1 to November 30 by the National Hurricane Center.


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