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Born and raised in the "Great White North" of Michigan, I received my B.S. in Earth Science from the Lyman Briggs School at Michigan State University in June 1989. I obtained my M.S. in Meteorology in Dec. 1991 from the University of Wisconsin - Madison which focused on ENSO impacts on Antarctic surface temperature and precipitation. My field experience at UW involved the maintenance of Antarctic Automated Weather Stations. I continued my Big Ten tour taking a job at the Ohio State University in 1992. My work at the Byrd Polar Research Center focused on boundary layer air flow over the Antarctic and included a nine week field expedition to west Antarctica. After 2 years at the BPRC, I decided that I needed a change in climates, so I moved to the "Sunshine State" taking an assistant in research position at the WOCE Surface Meteorological Data Center.

For the past decade I have focused on the quality of meteorological data collected on oceanographic research vessels. As director of the Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center, I lead a team whose mission is to provide routine access to high-quality marine meteorology data for science and operational activities. In 2003, I began as chairman of the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) Initiative and direct the SAMOS data center at FSU. The center is funded through the NOAA Office of Climate Observations and the National Science Foundation. My other research interests are centered around the FSU air-sea flux products and the effects of major climate variations (ENSO, NAO, PDO, etc.) on the weather of the United States. I have published ENSO impact studies related to precipitation, snowfall, and hurricanes. This yankee finds Florida WAY too hot in the summer, so I eagerly anticipate the upcoming winter!