Hannah Hiester

Hiester PhotoAssistant Research Scientist
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies

Rm. 254

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My research interests fall into the broad category of ocean modeling. I am currently working on the development and application of the coupled earth-system model COAWST, with particular focus on the De Soto Canyon region in the Gulf of Mexico. This requires investigation of both the modeling system and the ocean processes and facilitates further understanding of these regions as they come under increasing anthropogenic demands.

My previous PhD and postdoctoral research focused on the development and application of the Imperial College Ocean Model (Fluidity-ICOM). Fluidity-ICOM is a finite element ocean model that uses unstructured and adaptive meshes and is a derivative of the more general finite element model, Fluidity. My PhD thesis concentrated on the application of adaptive mesh techniques to gravity current flows, with particular focus on the diapycnal mixing. My postdoctoral work centred on comparison of Fluidity-ICOM and M.I.T. General Circulation Model simulations of wind driven gyres.