A suite of atmospheric instrumentation and sensors to observe the ocean surface are being deployed on tower N7 (Fig. 1). Standard surface meteorological observations are being obtained at a height of 4 m. Direct flux measurements will be obtained from sensors deployed at a height of 19 m, in keeping with the requirements necessary to compute the needed forcing parameters. Radiometers will also be placed at 19 m (in 2009) and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) measurements via radiation will occur at 4 m. A camera has been placed at 19 m to record the physical setting at regular intervals. Redundant wind observations are made from wind sensors on the south tower side at multiple levels, in the direction of the predominant winds (see Fig 2). Temperature and relative humidity sensors are placed as shown to allow for gradient-method flux calculations for comparison with the direct flux measurements. The data are transmitted at 10-minute intervals via a line of sight connection back to the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory (FSUCML). Meteorological data from the tower will be available in raw and quality-controlled form without use restrictions. Some additional data are collected at 30 m, as indicated below.