Fuchang Wang


Post Doctoral Scientist
Fuchang Wang
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies
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My main research interest is in ocean dynamics and its role in climate, ranging from the parameterization of mesoscale eddies to the diagnostics of large-scale ocean circulation.

During pursuing Ph. D. degree, I had conducted CORE-II run for the LASG/IAP Climate Ocean Model (LICOM). Then I conducted the sensitivity runs with the LICOM with respect to the eddy diffusivities including thickness diffusivity and Redi's isopycnal diffusivity.

My Ph.D thesis has focused on the diagnosis of mesoscale eddy fluxes and eddy diffusivities using high-resolution datasets including 1/6° Southern Ocean State Estimation (SOSE), 1/10° LASG/IAP Climate Ocean Model version 2 (LICOM2) and 1/12° HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). Based on spatio-temporal characteristics of mesoscale eddies, a new decomposition and diagnostic metric is developed. The spatial structure of  is revealed in the Southern Ocean and global oceans. The anisotropy of eddy diffusivity is also found to be affected by stationary mesoscale eddies