Mark A. Bourassa's Undergraduate Honors Students



Graduation Date


Connor Dacey

Spring 2014

Evaluations of Operational Pressure Gradients Near Tropical Cyclones

Lauren Zuromski



Antonio Cruz

Spring 2014

Rain-Induced Scatterometer Biases in QuikSCAT Winds

Ali Keclik

Spring 2014

Recent Trends in Accuracy of Atlantic Hurricane Forecasts

Johna Rudzin

Spring 2012

The influence of atmospheric cold-air outbreaks on the upper-ocean thermal variability of the Florida Straits

Rochelle Worsnop

Spring 2012

Statistics of extreme temperature occurrences in the southeastern United States

Nick Heath

Spring 2011

Determining the effects of stokes drift on the movement of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Heather Holbach

Spring 2010

Vorticity-based detection of tropical cyclogenesis in the eastern Pacific basin