When the system failed in July 2016, the following atmospheric instruments were in place to measure wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and relative humidity at 19 m and 30 m above the water. Wind was measured using two sensors at 19 m with different exposures (NW and SE corners) to account for the extreme airflow distortion around the tower superstructure. Atmospheric pressure was also measured at 19 m.

Variable Instrument Height (m) Units
Air Temperature Vaisala HMP 45C 19, 30 °C
Dewpoint Temperature Vaisala HMP 45C 19, 30 °C
Relative Humidity Vaisala HMP 45C 19, 30 %
Atmospheric Pressure Setra 278 19 mB
Wind Speed/Direction RM Young Marine 19, 30 m/s / °N
Wind Speed/Direction (Sonic) Gill 2D WindSonic 19 m/s / °N