NGESP Report

Meteorology student Chelsey Laurencin wins prestigious NSF fellowship

Chelsey has been working with Associate Professor Vasu Misra on analysis of the North Atlantic tropical cyclone motion. She plans to pursue a doctorate in meteorology with a specialization in tropical meteorology and study tropical cyclone intensity. Read more.

Marine Data

A 300-Year Record of Marine Climate

Since the 1600s, mariners have measured ocean conditions as part of daily operations of merchant and naval vessels. New technology allows us to further measure environmental conditions near the ocean surface. This diverse mix of historical and modern marine measurements provides the basis of our understanding of climate over the world's oceans. Learn more >>


Campers are "Weather Wise" Girls Who Code!

The Oasis Center's "Girls Can Do Anything" camp stopped by COAPS this summer. Their visit included lots of hands-on weather-related activities and a robot obstacle course! Get a quick look at what their visit included in this YouTube video.

Open House

Experiment testing new drifter design underway in the Gulf of Mexico

Drifters deployed on January 24 are quickly making their way in the Gulf of Mexico. Release of the drifters is part of a research project to develop new technology for observing currents at the ocean surface. Learn more. >>


COAPS Committed to the success of Women in STEM

COAPS recently hosted members of FSU's Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (WIMSE) Program. The program is for students considering a career in the STEM fields. Learn more about WIMSE.

Hurricane Activity

hurricane activity

The Atlantic graphical tropical weather outlook is updated at approximately 2am, 8am, 2pm, and 8pm EDT from June 1 to November 30 by the National Hurricane Center.


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FSU, Tallahassee, FL
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